Abstract Submission


Approximately 20-25 abstracts will be accepted for poster presentation.  From those abstracts, approximately 4-6 abstracts will be selected for oral presentation.  Abstracts may be prepared on regular 11”x 8.5” size white paper with a 1” margin all around.  Font size may not be smaller than 11 pitch. Abstract is limited to one page.  No references are required.  Abstract must be organized into: title in block and bold letters, name of authors (in bold for presenting author), name of the institution, city and country.  It must contain an Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.   

All abstracts must be received by December 15, 2014.  Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by December 15, 2014.  Abstracts may be sent as a Word document via e-mail to vanhornm@uci.edu or Fax to Ms. Mitzi Vanhorn at (949) 824-4362.  Please include your e-mail and phone and fax number.